Ladders are made up of a set of steps combined together in a vertical and inclined manner to help an individual reach higher levels. Ladders can be self-supporting, roll able, or leaned against a supporting wall.


Ladders Suppliers

Ladders are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the industry. Different types of Ladders occur in the catalogs of their suppliers. We can name Step Ladders, Step Stools, Platform Ladders, Extension Ladders, Folding Ladders, and Multipurpose Ladders. They can be self-supporting, roll-able, or leaned against a supporting wall. Lumsum’s website offers a list of suppliers that have proven the efficiency of their services across the UAE.

Why use Ladders?

Ladders help an individual reach higher levels. They are mainly used for construction and/or maintenance jobs. Safety measures should be strictly respected while using one.

Choosing the right Ladder?

Each of the following considerations addresses efficiency and safety while climbing a ladder:

  1. The perfect Ladder should be easy to carry, versatile, and suitable for a variety of jobs. First, choose the material of your ladder. While wood can provide insulation against heat and cold, aluminum, for example, is lightweight.
  2. Manufacturers give ladder duty ratings based on the maximum weight they can safely support. The duty rating must exceed your weight plus the weight of any tools and materials you carry with you. Ladders must not be subjected to loads greater than their duty rating.
  3. Like any other critical equipment, make sure your provider abides by all professional standards and regulations. Only Type IAA, Type IA, and Type I ladders can be used for commercial purposes or on a construction job site.