"A pipe is a hollow cylinder usually made from metal and is used to convey substances that are able to flow such as water, gas and petroleum."


Pipes Suppliers

Pipes manufacturers in the UAE offer a wide range of products covering all the possible categories. There are many plumbing pipe materials: stainless steel, plastic, PVC, HDPE, and copper. The Companies in this section take care of the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of pipes. Lumsum’s website clears the way for its users so that they choose the right supplier.

What is a Pipe ?

A pipe is a hollow cylinder usually used to convey substances that are able to flow, such as water, gas, and petroleum. From carrying water to your kitchen faucet to delivering waste to your sewage system, Pipes are the ones to thank.

The perfect Pipes Manufacturer?

Whether you need to install a whole new plumbing system in your home or need some pipes replaced or repaired, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of various pipe materials to finalize your choice. Put into mind the material that will be transported, the pressure, and the temperature.
  2. Pipes are just a part of the whole installation. They have to fit the valves and complete the puzzle to assure a secure flow all over the place. 
  3. Finally, study the products in your price range and look for companies that are approved by international standards. Make sure to check the after-buying services. Good luck!