Fire Fighting

A fire fighting system is a group of tools used to prevent and extinguish fires in closed areas.
Fire Fighting


Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers

There are many different types of fire safety equipment. We can name Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Fire Hose Reels, Signage, Sprinklers, and First Aid Kits. Lumsum’s Companies offer these products alongside inspection and testing services to individuals and businesses across the UAE. Whether you have a small, medium-sized, or large building, your workplace needs an effective alarm system that complies with the fire and safety codes.

Why use Fire Fighting Equipment?

In Dubai, 5,490 declared fire incidents occurred in the period 2006–2013. Most of the cases were caused by electrical failures. These alarming numbers can explain why Fire Fighting Devices became a necessity nowadays. 

You are wondering where to buy your equipment?

Whether you want to buy a new fire protection system or fix an existing one, we've got your back. Follow these steps before making your fire rescue equipment list:

  1. You must know what factors come into play when deciding on a fire protection system. The building design, the budget, and the time limits of the installation.
  2. Now that all the previous factors have been studied, it’s time to match the possible products presented by our suppliers. Don’t underestimate this task since there is a wide range of choices to compare.
  3. Once you have settled on your purchases, verify that the products comply with international standards and assure long-term performance.