Emergency & Exit lights

Emergency/exit lights are designed to guide people to quickly locate the exits during an emergency.
Emergency & Exit lights


Emergency & Exit Light Suppliers  

Lumsum’s Companies provide high-performance, self-contained, and centrally supplied Exit Lights, Exit Signs, and Emergency Lighting products and accessories for use in commercial, industrial, government, and residential buildings. Exit Lights come in different types: non-electrical, LED, and aluminum. These products meet the high standards set for them, but they also look stylish and discreet. Regarding the constant threat of Emergencies, installing Exit Lights has become a necessity more than ever.

The role of Emergency/Exit lights?

Emergency/Exit lights are designed to guide people to quickly locate the exits during an emergency. We find them at every door, and we don’t pay attention to them until they come in handy in tough times. Emergency exit lights are a stand-alone system, which means they will stay lit during a power failure. Emergency exit lights are a vital part of the security of any property. Reliability and visibility cannot be compromised for any reason.

The best Emergency Lights for your building?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the type of exit sign to purchase:

  1. The design appeal of the devices must go along with the rest of the building. You don’t want an exit light to break the harmony of your place.
  2. Study your installation profile. Each type of Exit Lights will correspond with a suitable profile. Don’t neglect the maintenance requirements and the lifespan of your products.
  3. Like most building products, the crucial factor in picking a product is whether it meets the specification’s standards. Opting for an acquired and verified product will assure minimal protection against surprises.