Suspended Ceilings

A secondary ceiling suspending from the main ceiling, also known as Dropped ceiling, grid ceiling or false ceiling.
Suspended Ceilings


Suspended Ceilings Suppliers

A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling suspended from the main ceiling, also known as a dropped ceiling, grid ceiling, or false ceiling. The common types are: concealed grid suspended ceilings, gypsum board and plaster suspended ceilings, exposed grid, fire resistance rated suspended ceilings, suspended drywall ceilings, aluminum suspended ceilings, and tiled false ceilings. In the UAE, manufacturers offer world-class demountable suspended ceilings covering all types with full delivery options.

Why use a Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling is installed beneath the original ceiling of a room; thus, it is considered a second ceiling. The main purpose of this ceiling is to hide ductwork or pipelines in order to improve the look and appeal of the room in which it is installed.

Choose your Suspended Ceiling?

While the selection process can prove to be overwhelming, knowing about the major types can help you make a better choice:

  1. Consider the area and shape of your room. Calculate what size the border panels need to be. On all four walls, measure down from the ceiling to the level where you want the drop ceiling to be.
  2. You must also take into consideration the look you want to create in your room with a suspended ceiling. There are drop ceilings for every style of decor, from white-painted wood planks for a beachside home to sleek black panels for a modern loft to three-dimensional cubes for an avant-garde look. Whatever your needs, you can find a drop ceiling that works for your facility!
  3. Finally, choose companies that include future repair options and user-friendly services. You can take a look at the previous customers' reviews.