Wiring accessories

Wire accessories include switches, fuses, ceiling roses, lamp holders, socket-outlets, adapters, distribution boards, rising mains and more.
Wiring accessories


Wiring Accessories Suppliers

This category includes electrical wiring accessories provided by the best suppliers in the UAE to ensure a safe and secure installation for you. Wiring accessories manufacturers offer a wide range of products. While in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman or any other emirate in the UAE, the choice of the right wire supplier is even more challenging. Don’t worry! Lumsum’s website is here to help. You can find the exact supplier of your demand and get in touch with them directly. The process is now simpler than ever.

What is a Wiring Accessory?

A Wiring Accessory is an electrical material used for cabling and connecting between electrical sections. They include switches, fuses, ceiling roses, lamp holders, socket outlets, adapters, distribution boards, rising mains, and more. 

Which supplier to pick?

In the case of the Wiring Accessories suppliers, some main factors should co-exist with your supplier to be considered:

  1. The first thing to look into is the ratings of the suppliers on our website and the reviews of their previous customers. These can give a global image of the reputation of the company and its policies.
  2. One essential other factor is safety. This one characteristic shouldn’t be discussed. The supplier has to be verified for all the safety measures and regulations.
  3. You could also check the variety of products each supplier offers so that you find the most reliable products for your specific demand at prices that suit you.