The ironmongery covers a wide range of door accessories including door handles, door closers, door hinges, door locks etc...


Ironmongery Suppliers

Ironmongery suppliers present a range of ironmongery to suit your individual tastes, with a choice of color finishes, fasteners, and handles to suit various aesthetic and security needs. Lumsum’s team made everything easier by grouping all the ironmongery manufacturers in the UAE into this catalog. Whether you are in Dubai or any other emirate, you can get in touch with these companies using the contact information precise below.

What is considered ironmongery?

As a broad term, "ironmongery" concerns the manufacture of goods made from iron. Such items, sometimes also described as architectural hardware, include door handles, locks, door closers, hinges (door furniture), window fittings, handrails, and balusters.

Choose Ironmongery?

When choosing your ironmongery, there are three important things to consider: functionality, style, and finish.

  1. First, you must determine the type of window or door you have and therefore the right choice of ironmongery needed for that type.
  2. Even the smallest ironmongery can have a large impact on the appearance and function of your door, so it’s important you get it right. Make sure to pick equipment that doesn’t break the harmony of your facility.
  3.  A long list of products will appear in front of you while searching. Finish your purchase by choosing the products that meet your price preferences and fulfill a minimum level of quality and sustainability.