Blocks & Bricks

Bricks and blocks are constituents of strong masonry construction that come in evenly shaped individual units.
Blocks & Bricks


Blocks & Bricks Suppliers

No conversation about construction and quality building materials is complete without including bricks and blocks. Lumsum’s suppliers offer a variety of high-quality bricks and blocks in a choice of sizes, colors, textures, and finishes to suit your every need. Different types exist. Burnt clay bricks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, compressed mud blocks, C.L.C. blocks, A.A.C. blocks, sand-lime bricks, refractory bricks. Brick manufacturers in the UAE assure a stock of products ready to pick up or deliver when a customer asks.

What are Blocks & Bricks?

Blocks and bricks are a form of construction material, also known as a masonry unit, composed of concrete, cement, sand, water, and other additives. They come in evenly shaped, individual units that are ready for all construction uses.

Choose the correct type?

When planning an extension or a new building, you need the right brick or block to suit the job:

  1. You're not limited to the standard-sized red blocks. There are various colors and shapes for the design you want. Study the architecture of your facility before finalizing your choice.
  2. Go for products with good insulation and weatherproofing. Being eco-friendly can be a factor that raises an option to another.
  3. The catalogs of the companies Lumsum’s website offers contain limitless options. Compare your needs with the products in your price range. Refer for a specialist for any further needs.