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How to Choose the Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Room?


How to Choose the Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Room?
How to Choose the Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Room?

How to Choose the Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Room?

Lighting can never be overrated. Installing the perfect lighting fixtures can create a beautiful, functional space and boost productivity and comfort.

However, this task can be quite daunting as we need to find a balance between both, the utilitarian and aesthetic values. Additionally, we can get overwhelmed with the hundreds of available options while trying to look for the right style, quality and budget.

It becomes even more critical when choosing the lighting for our living room- the place where we will most likely be spending the majority of our time!

Whether you are looking to install lighting fixtures into your new living room or replacing your old ones, this post will provide you with some guidelines on how to make the best choices.

1. Learn about the types

One misconception that usually accompanies the lighting task is to assume that one lighting type is enough. Here are 3 main lighting types to keep in mind:

  • Ambient lighting: It is the main source of light that fills the majority of the room and usually comes from recessed or overhead lighting.

  • Accent Lighting: It provides a more aesthetically pleasing touch as it plays a role in highlighting a specific focal point, mainly a decorative element such as a piece of art.

  • Task lighting: As its name implies, it is used to support a specific activity such as night reading or desktop lighting.

2. Explore the available categories

Next, you will have to educate yourself on the different lighting categories:

  • Sconces: These are usually mounted on the wall. Wall sconces can be placed on each side of a mirror for example, while swing-arm scones are used as accent light .

  • Flush Mounts: They are fixed in the ceiling and aim to brighten the room without occupying much space, making them ideal for smaller rooms or rooms with a low ceiling.

  • Pendants:  They are rooted in the ceiling but they differ from mounts in that they hang low from the ceiling. They are usually used as task light and have one light bulb only.

  • Chandeliers:  It is a large lighting system that suspends from the ceiling and gives different light sources at the same time. They are popular for their decorative use.

  • Lamps: They come in different styles and sizes and are often used as task lighting.

3. Determine the size

It is very important to keep your living room properly lit and choose lighting fixtures that are proportional in size.

While there are calculations that you can make to determine the size of your lighting, it can become a bit complicated. We recommend to go by the number of light bulbs in one fixture. So if your living room is relatively small, you can go with 3 light bulbs around 60 W in your ambient lighting, whereas if you have a relatively larger living room, you can go for 5 bulbs.

4. Choose your Style

It is highly recommended that the lighting complements the dominant element in your room such as the metal finishes, furniture or curtains so that it goes in line with your concept. However, if you have a very basic room design, you can choose a lighting style that adds a bold statement to your interior.

Some additional  tips

After you have learned the basics on how to choose the lighting for your living room, it is important to remember that more light isn’t necessarily better, and that you should focus on quality rather than quantity. It is about putting light where it is really needed and matching  it with the performed task in a specific location.

Finally, do not forget about the natural light- alongside the artificial light- when designing your space!

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