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Easy Steps to Renovate Your Bathroom with the Help of Sanitary Ware Suppliers


Easy Steps to Renovate Your Bathroom with the Help of Sanitary Ware Suppliers
Easy Steps to Renovate Your Bathroom with the Help of Sanitary Ware Suppliers

Easy Steps to Renovate Your Bathroom with the Help of Sanitary Ware Suppliers

The most commonly used room in the house is the bathroom. Renovating it always gives the house a sense of freshness and helps the owners’ fight a feeling of boredom and repetitiveness. With every bathroom renovation, you should put in mind that you have to set aside a lot of patience, hard work, and money for tool and supplies to finally get the bathroom of your dreams. But it is always a manageable process after taking a good look at the different elements that go into a renovation.  Here are some advices that can help you concerning your bathroom renovation process:

1-Type of renovation 
The first question you should ask yourself is: What type of renovation do I want to do to my bathroom? Do I want to tear everything out and start from scratch or do I just want to make some small changes here and there? How much money or time am I willing to spend?
Setting a budget is an essential step you need to consider after considering the cost of all your necessities, such as the cost of sanitary ware and fitted furniture, wall, and floor covering, lighting and ventilation, and, in case you’re going to outsource the work, labor rates. Always be realistic! The rest of this blog will talk about a full renovation to review all possible points. 

2- Who would do the work?
In this section, you have two choices: Either you renovate your bathroom by yourself or you can just call in the professionals. You can rely on a general contractor who can manage from start to finish or you can just hire and manage your specialists for each stage of the process.  If you have chosen the DIY road, even though it can be cost-effective and rewarding, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary materials and proper tools to effectively renovate your bathroom. If you don’t have enough experience, remember that professionals (the plumber, builder, electrician, tiler, waterproofer, painter) get paid but may do the job better and faster than you can. 

3- Planning is key
Planning the design of your bathroom is one of the most important steps of the project. The common design elements you should take into consideration before starting the renovation are the following:

  • Utility location: Maybe you would like to change the placement of the sink, the toilet seat, or even the location of the washing machine. In this case, you might need to change the utilities location such as the outlets, water inlets, and electrical sockets. Make sure to work on a plan with the help of an engineer to see if the changes needed are possible or if you would need to modify your plans. This could be an expensive and tiresome step, but with the help of the sanitary ware suppliers on our website, you can always find what fits your budget and needs
  • Color scheme: Just like fashion, the idea of a cool design always changes with time, and the colors that used to be a standard before, are now changing. Some are now preferring darker colors for their bathroom space instead of the usual lighter, whiter colors. The best practice for you is to make a color palette that suits you and choose the colors of the walls, tiles, equipment, and even accessories. Lumsum can help you find sanitary ware suppliers for all your needs, from wall paint to tile designs, so make sure you check the sanitary ware suppliers on the website
  • Fixtures: Just like the bathroom color scheme, your taste in nice fixture design changes over time. Some like to keep the old style of sinks, showers, and tubs, while some like to modernize it a bit. Some like to keep the normal beige color, while some like to see the colors pop. Either way, you can find a list of fixture suppliers that can offer a variety of designs and you’ll always find one that suits you best
  • Storage: It is always important to have enough storage in your bathroom. It is the best place to keep all your towels, cleaning products and equipment, and even a small medicine cabinet. Create a layout that expands the storage area in your bathroom. For this step, you can either get cabinets “off the shelf” which you can directly install, or you can create your cabinets that fit more into your own space. Beware that even though this type of cabinet looks better, but it is way more expensive. Either way, Lumsum has a variety of suppliers that can offer you what you need

4- Renovation Steps
After all the planning, it is time for the work to begin! First of all, all tapware, valves toilets, and capping services should be disconnected, and the power points and disconnecting wires should be removed.
Then, it is time for demolition! This sentence could be an exaggeration but still, you need to remove everything if you’re planning on a full renovation. The accessories and fixtures are the first to go. Then it is time for the toilet seat, sink, and shower screen/bath. The last step would be removing the tiles on the floor and walls where the plumbing needs to be replaced.
Now for the installation of the new fixtures:

  • Electrical and water outlets: Since the bathroom is now bare to the bone, it is time for rewiring the electrical outlets and conducting new plumbing work. Remember to check Lumsum and get a list of the best sanitary ware suppliers for this step. It is the most important since it lays the ground for the next steps, and an issue here is the most expensive.
  • Bathroom equipment: Before tiling, you should install the bathroom sink and bath since the tiling will be installed around them and not below them. Depending on the toilet seat you choose, you might need to install its water tank now in case it is installed onto the wall and then the tiles wrap it up. But either way, the actual seat is not installed at this step. Be careful to test all the equipment now for leaks or issues since it would be very hard to fix a plumbing problem after tiling
  • Tiling and wall paint: After installing the equipment, it is time to do the tiling and paint the walls. Make sure to have the ground leveled since it will be hard to fix this issue once the tiles are installed
  • Toilet seat: After the tiling work, the toilet seat can be installed. If you did all the necessary tests before tiling, this should be an easy step. Just make sure that it is properly fixed and that silicone is placed wherever it is necessary
  • Cabinets: After painting the walls and installing the bathroom equipment, you can go ahead and install the cabinets. Make sure everything is leveled since a simple tilt in one of the cabinets can make all the work look cheaper and the overall feel of the bathroom would be off
  • Accessories: Now you can install the rest of the accessories: the mirror, lighting fixtures, electrical sockets, towel mounts, toilet paper dispenser, you name it. Even though these are small pieces, but the right choice can drastically improve the look of the bathroom. So, check Lumsum for the list of sanitary ware suppliers to get the best deal on the bathroom accessories of your choice

All this can be a tiresome job to do, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

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